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Our services will help you to create your wooden space

At Wooden Homes, we've transformed into a streamlined logistics operation, ensuring fast and dependable deliveries to our customers. Continuously innovating, we're always on the lookout for fresh ideas to improve our processes. By sharing knowledge and leveraging advanced systems, we're dedicated to enhancing our operations, providing an unmatched experience for our clients.






certificates guaranteeing environmentally friendly practices.


FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving forests globally through responsible forest management practices. By preventing deforestation, FSC ensures the preservation of valuable ecosystems. Their certification system guarantees that the entire supply chain adheres to their stringent standards, including the protection of local communities' and forest workers' rights.


PEFC, or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, upholds internationally recognized criteria endorsed by 149 countries. While it didn't create forest management requirements, PEFC ensures adherence to established standards, including social working conditions set by the International Labour Organization. By evaluating the entire supply chain, PEFC guarantees compliance with economic, ecological, and social standards.


FLEGT requires all wood products imported from Indonesia into Europe since November 15, 2016, to comply with regulations ensuring legal logging and trade. In the Netherlands, the NVWA inspects incoming goods. Wooden Homes certification guarantees the legal origin of its products.


FLEGT, or Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade, requires all wood products imported into Europe from Indonesia since November 15, 2016, to comply with regulations ensuring legal logging and trade practices. In the Netherlands, the NVWA oversees inspections of incoming goods.


KIWA offers assurance in quality, safety, health, sustainability, efficiency, and control, instilling confidence in delivered products. Their certificates and reports provide reliable evidence of compliance with European laws and regulations. Wooden Homes concrete products carry KIWA certification, ensuring their quality and adherence to standards.


The KOMO quality mark, issued by the Dutch Wood Inspection Agency (SKH), ensures quality certificates and supervises wood pressure treatment. Treatment guidelines specify agents, processes, and products. Tuindeco adheres to the latest guidelines, ensuring environmentally responsible wood treatment. KOMO certification guarantees well-treated final products.

Wooden homes

We create the space that makes you feel safe

We specialize in crafting environments that not only meet your needs but also foster a sense of safety and security. From cozy corners to open expanses, our designs prioritize your peace of mind, ensuring that every aspect of the space we create instills a feeling of safety and comfort.

What we say

High-quality services and products, delivered with excellence, precision and pride, style, skill



We provide delivery

throughout Portugal

Discover our extensive range of wooden homes delivered and installed throughout Portugal. From log cabins to outdoor structures and outdoor living solutions, we have everything you need to create your ideal outdoor space.